Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thing #18

I had a great time exploring some items on the award list. The first place I visited was the games. While there I played Guess the Google. In this game you are given a set of google images. You guess the search term that is used to obtain the images. Some were simple because the search word was in the images, or they were a common color. Others were a little more challenging to find the common link. To add difficulty to this you only have 20 seconds. I also played around on It is full of short games to pass some time. Some are as mindless as moving your mouse to make squares disappear, and others flashed numbers and colors and you had to guess which item was removed. I might be a good thing that gamming in blocked by the district...I could forsee these games used frequently!

I also took a look at the One Sentence site in the fun stuff catagory. Participants wrote a sentence that was really revealing of themselves. Here is an example of one of the entries written by the user named 1up; I realized what irony was when I reached for my box of birth control hidden in a baby's onesie!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Thing #17

I really like using the web-based productivity applications. I used Zoho writer and it was as easy and familiar as Microsoft Office. I looked into the other publication applications also. It seems these days I have about 3 or 4 computers I work on. I am constantly having to save to my flash drive and then upload to the other computer. Watch out flash drive manufacturers....web-based apps are trying to put you out of business!

In our previous tasks, I thought wikis were the ultimate collaboration tool. These web-based productivity applications are the icing on the top. Now after the research/collaboration has be completed, the groups can produce their findings. After production, they can publish them to the public, e-mail them to the appropriate people, and be proud of themselves! It makes me think that soon we may not need paper copies of assignments anymore. In my graduate classes everything is done electronically...with public school catch up with that?

Thing #16

Editing a wiki was super easy. If you know how to click the edit button and type, you can do it. I didn't go as far as uploading pictures or documents, but I feel it would be just as easy.

At school I would like to create a wiki for the students to have an avenue to suggest what should happen at our school, library, or classes. This might encourage students to have a voice. I know that this wiki would need to be heavily monitored to weed out any inappropriate material, but the school and administration might be surprised at what the students would suggest. Perhaps if the students felt like their thoughts and voices are being considered, some of the discipline problems might fix themsleves.

Thing #15

I think Wikis are the wave of the future. The posibilities are endless. It's like collaborative learning at its best. In the schools and libraries they could be used for research projects, book clubs or any other club, parent/teacher communication, or just for fun. Classes could also connect with other students from all over to collaboratively learn. You could have study buddies across the nation or even the globe! Having a library wiki could be a good way for hesitant communicators become active participants. Shy patrons could give their ideas and book suggestions more easily.

I also think I would like to create a wiki for my family. Now that all of my cousins have grown up and we live scattered around the U.S., having a family wiki would allow us to share what is going on in our lives much easier.

Thing #14

As I reflect on what Library 2.0 means to me, I get excited to know that I am beginning my librarian career at a point of change. I feel like I am getting to come in at a great time when many of us are still learning these new and exciting things. Had I not become a librarian for a few more year, I may have missed out and would feel behind. I would not have been the best librarian I could be.

Library 2.0 means to me that we are aware of the needs of our patrons. We need to be on the lookout to meet their needs in anyway possible. Whether that is by the internet, new books, or new technologies. It seems that we need to be super flexible and willing to change our ways in order to ensure that our library can serve students/patrons the best. Today that may mean getting out the laptops and researching the current event. Tomorrow it may mean searching books for needed information. Than again it may involve learning by creating blogs, wikkis, myspaces. It will be everchanging.

In the future, I think libraries will need to be filled with not only great books, but the best technologies they can find. I don't think the web2.0 will be disappearing anytime soon. Then when we feel we have a hold on that web3.0 will be around the corner. I fear for myself that after I complete these tasks, I will become complacent and not search for new things. I will again need the 23 things!

Thing #12

Thing 12 was a harder task for me. I generally do not spend a lot of time on social networks. I would rather meet friends face to face and spend a good time with them that way. But I did learn a lot.

I think as educators it's important to know about social networking because it is what our students know and are passionate about. This knowledge lets us get into their heads a little and hopefull it will make our instruction better. It also helps us let our students know that we are someowhat human and personable if we can share thoughts about our Myspace. Somehow they think we are "cooler" if we know what they know!

This can be a very time consuming thing for anyone. You could spend hours creating your space or network. I want to know how anyone gets anything done with all the neat gadgets you can use on these sites. I also realized just when I thought I was getting the hang of some of these new things....I am humbled by what I don't know.

As I was working on Myspace and Ning, I found that I had to spend a lot of time just exploring all the features before I could begin to think about using some of them. This took a lot of time. I liked that after I explored MySpace, I could use alot of that knowledge of how things worked in Ning.

All in all, I'm not sure how often I will get on Myspace and update, but it is good to know what it is all about. Oh is my Plain Jane Myspace site:

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thing #13

Social bookmarking sounds like a great thing. I have not used this before, but I use so many different computer from work to home that I need a site like this!

I think this will be great for research. When a topic is decided, a bookmark could be created then may the site additions begin. I think it will be interesting to see how students will tag things. I love to find out how their mind works.

Librarians can use this tool to share and network. I am constantly looking for new ideas, and this would be another perfect spot to find them.

As we work through all the tasks, I found that lots of these tools give us new avenues to share and network with one another. I remember when I was super excited about America Online because I could easiy find new friends. I thought now the world is at my fingertips, and the world is getting smaller. Now this is even more true. Anything I want or need to find is just a click away. If I can't find it...surely there is someone out there that knows what I need.